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We often hear these comments: “My sunroom is too hot to use!”, “The sun from my skylight is making my floor fade.” and “My sunroom is so hot it’s making the rest of the house unbearable in the summer.”
We hear that a lot. You might have chosen expensive, low-e glass, and maybe even tinted glass for your new sunroom or skylights; you may have blinds inside that are closed most of the time when it’s sunny and you’ve even installed a ventilation system and/or air conditioning but it’s still too hot. Pacific Rollshutters & Awnings provides and installs sunroom and skylight shade systems in Victoria.

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The reason for these comments is the greenhouse effect:
Greenhouses were designed to gather and retain heat primarily for growing plants. They are made of glass or clear acrylic panels for a reason – glass lets in sunlight which is transformed into heat upon contact with something (plants, furniture, floors, etc.) then trapped inside the structure. Once the heat is in the room, it’s there to stay unless you have a powerful ventilation system or air conditioning – and even that is usually not enough. That’s why blinds or drapes on the inside of the room can provide light and glare control but will be relatively ineffective in reducing the heat buildup.
It’s imperative to block the sun before it penetrates the glass.

We offer many solutions:

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Motorized Exterior Solar Shades

If you want to block out a significant portion of the heat, but still want to maintain light and a view, a motorized screen system is an answer. The Horizon shade system is intended as a horizontal or sloped screen system, covering glass roofs, pergolas, conservatories, and skylights. This exterior screen system comes in an open-weave fabric available in different densities or with a large variety of solid acrylic fabrics, allowing you to choose just how much light or heat you wish to block. The screen system has a specially designed self-cleaning debris brush to keep the fabric clear as it rolls up. The frame and panel box are available in standard white and many custom colours. The exterior screen shade is easily controlled from inside your home or office with remote control.

Fixed Screen Panels

If you’d prefer to have a heat and light control solution on your sunroom, skylight, glass roof, or pergola that’s not retractable, consider a fixed frame screen panel. A fixed panel has an aluminum frame, either in white, black, or brown and is covered with a sunscreen fabric in a variety of colours and densities. The frame is clipped into an ‘H’ track which is installed on your window frame, making it easily removable for the winter if you desire. It can be made into whatever shape of window or glass panel you need to cover – even curved shapes!


The most economical solution for filtering UV rays from glass in skylights is called sunblocker. It’s made of heavy-duty, extremely strong, extremely durable, vinyl-coated polyester. They are built to withstand all weather conditions and will last through years of extreme heat, rain, and snow. Sunblockers fit over the outside of skylights and fit either a flat, pyramid, or bubble-shaped skylight by means of grommeted stretch cords on each of the 4 corners which simply hook underneath the corners of the skylight. They require no tools to install. They are easily removable for the winter when you might want the extra sunlight.

Sunblockers are available in standard sizes or can be custom made to fit almost any shape. They come in 3 different densities which have an openness factor (how much light/heat is allowed through) of either 25%, 10% or 5%. The most common and perhaps the best combination of heat blockage and visibility is the Suntex 90 with its 10% openness. Several colours are available in Suntex and Shearweave fabrics.
Note: The darkest colours are most effective and provide greater visibility with exterior applications.


The Horizon system is designed for interior and exterior skylight shading, as well as mounting to existing structures for patio areas. It can also be used for larger bottom-up applications. It is capable of up to 195 square feet of coverage per individual unit. Multiple systems can also be adjoined for even greater coverage. The Horizon can be used with solar screening materials or acrylic fabrics and with its constant tensioning design will provide years of maintenance-free sun control.

Ideal applications: skylights, bottom-ups, atriums, sunrooms, or any horizontal applications.

Our remotely operated screen shade systems can be mounted over your wooden pergola

Shade screens make a huge difference to cooling costs in a home with lots of skylights

This skylight shade screen is mounted on a building rooftop, keeping the home below nice and cool in summer

Another skylight shade screen system...

Corradi's Horizon is a unique answer to controlling the sun's harsh U.V. rays

Corradi's Horizon is a unique answer to controlling the sun's harsh U.V. rays

The Horizon system is designed for interior and exterior skylight shading

Enjoy the shade at Bridgeman’s Mill Bay Marina

This retractable roof shade system makes the patio at Locals Restaurant in Courtenay, BC, comfortable on the sunniest days and on warm, rainy ones

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