Solar Control

We all love the sun but sometimes need control over how much sunlight/heat enters our home and business. We have many products that will enable you to control the amount of sunlight and heat that enter your home or business, while allowing you to:

Work with your passive solar home specifications

● Preserve your view

● Keep your home cool

● Reduce air conditioning costs

● Protect furniture from fading and damage

● Prevent hardwood floors from drying

● Protect valuable artwork from the sun  

Patio and Deck Awnings – If the heat of the sun is keeping you from enjoying the outdoors, imagine the possibilities with patio and deck awnings – cool shade, reduced glare, UV rays are blocked, your living space is expanded, and the seasons extended…giving you more room to play, relax and entertain.

Retractable Outdoor Living Spaces – Retractable canopy systems give you ultimate weather control of your valuable outdoor areas – extend your shoulder seasons for both home and business.

Louvered Roof Systems – StruXure Outdoor louvered systems for outdoor kitchen areas, restaurant, pubs and bars.  These units are 100% waterproof when closed, can withstand hurricane force winds and are approved for Canadian Snow loads.

Window Awnings – Adjustable and retractable window awnings provide versatile solar and heat control by blocking the sun’s rays before they reach the window.

Exterior Rolling Screens – Easy to see through and completely retractable, Habitat and Horizon screens let you enjoy a cool, comfortable environment without sacrificing your view.

Skylight Shade Systems – Skylight Sunblockers and fixed frame screens are an economical solution for reducing the heat, glare, and UV rays that come through your skylights.

Rollshutters – With Talius Rollshutters, you control the amount of light and heat that enters through your windows as well as securing your home and business. When the sun’s heat is blocked, your home’s interior stays cooler, letting you enjoy your haven in comfort. Since extreme weather and temperatures don’t reach your windows, Talius Rollshutters keep your indoor temperatures indoors; conserving energy and saving you money. The insulation properties also provide the solution where sound is an issue. Rollshutters offer significant outside noise reduction, creating a quieter environment.

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