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Serving Vancouver Island Since 1991

Residential Rollshutters

Rollshutters offer protection for windows and doors from harsh weather or unwanted visitors. A rollshutter consists of interlocking slats or profiles. The profiles are made out of roll-formed aluminum with either a dense polyurethane foam core or a hard resin core, depending on the size and strength of profile required. We offer a variety of residential rollshutters in Victoria and the surrounding areas, all of which are of different sizes, strengths, and operators, depending on your unique requirements. They are manually operated with cranks or torsion spring operators or they can be motorized and operated with a switch or remote. Locks are available for added security.

Rollshutters for Security

Rollshutters are one of the best ways to keep out intruders and discourage vandals. It is unlike using an alarm system that alerts you to the fact that someone unauthorized is already in the premises. We believe that keeping them out is the best solution. 

Rollshutters may be lowered completely at night to form strong curtains that will prevent potential burglars from breaking into your home. Since rollshutters are controlled from inside, no unauthorized operation can occur. For additional security, choose automatic locking mechanisms. Usually, closed rollshutters are such a visual deterrent that no break-in attempts are made. A potential burglar will consider it easier to break into a neighbouring house without rollshutters. Rollshutters can thus stop break-ins before they occur. We have many different strengths and sizes of curtains to provide you with the security you want with the strength you need. In addition, rollshutters provide a barrier in front of your expensive glass, preventing costly replacement and rising insurance costs.

Rollshutters for Solar Control

Because rollshutters can block up to 90% of solar heat gain, many of our customers have been able to eliminate the need for air conditioning completely, thereby reducing purchase, installation, and energy costs and yet enjoying a comfortable environment.

The effectiveness of a rollshutter lies in the fact that it’s on the outside - stopping the light before it penetrates the glass and traps the heat inside. You have control over how much or how little light you want to let in simply by pushing a remote control button!

Rollshutters for Storm Protection

Our wild, west coast winter winds can sometimes wreak havoc. Rollshutters provide protection for the windows in your home against flying debris, tree branches, and driving rain. Because they are mounted on the exterior of your home, rollshutters are extremely effective in protecting vulnerable windows and doors from driving rain, high winds, hail, and flying debris that can occur during storms, especially here on the west coast. Homes or cottages that are locked up for the season and that have broken glass from flying debris in moderate winds can sustain enormous further damage from continued exposure to the elements. Rollshutters can also help eliminate water leakage in poorly sealed French doors that are exposed to wind and rain.

**There is no absolute protection against a determined, professional burglar. Rollshutters and other security products will only lower the chances of a successful break-in or an act of vandalism. For very high-risk areas, consider combining rollshutters with other security devices, such as alarm systems.


Rollshutters for Homes

Install our rollshutters in your residential property to keep out intruders and discourage vandals.

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