Folding Security Gates


Security Gates

Folding security gates can be mounted either on the inside of the building or the outside, depending on the application. Normally mounted on the inside, thieves must first break the glass and then attempt to penetrate the gates, thereby making noise and creating more of a ‘hassle factor’ to the thief.

When open for business, the gates fold up to 15% of their ‘closed’ size and can swing completely out of the way.

Expanding gates create a very cost-effective way to secure your building while leaving a view to the inside. This can be desireable if you have merchandise that you wish to be viewed when the business is closed.

Expanding gates are easily installed and require no maintenance. They are made of 1/2″ tubular steel and come standard with a white or black finish but available in any RAL colour. They come with a ‘thumb turn’ lock, keyed hook lock, or simple padlock.

Expanding gates can also be used to secure interior areas within your business – such as cigarette cabinets. They are easy for staff to operate yet deter the ‘grab and run’ of highly valuable merchandise.

They are sturdy enough to span open areas such as closed parking areas, closed warehouse areas etc.

All components are made from durable, non-corrosive aluminum, steels and alloys. The runners, guides, inserts and spacers are molded from nylon.

The gates are designed for easy cleaning – there are no difficult-to-reach crevices. All of the smooth metal surfaces are simply wiped clean with a cloth.

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