Folding Security Curtains

Counter security gate at St. Joseph's Hospital at Comox, BC

Counter security grill at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Comox, BC

Security Curtains

Aluminum folding curtains are the perfect way to balance visibility and security, especially in high-traffic retail areas. They offer the best in storefront protection, allowing customers to see through the curtain to the other side while simultaneously restricting access.

Folding curtains act as a visible barrier and effective crime deterrent without distracting from the appearance of your property or storefront. And they can be quickly and easily folded back, allowing unobstructed access to your property during business hours. That makes them an excellent security choice for a wide variety of businesses, locations, and applications.

Hung from a track at the ceiling, curtains can be open, or with tempered glass between the vertical slats and are also available with solid aluminum panels for privacy and security or perforated steel panels for extra strength.

Because of the track, grills can accommodate curved openings in almost any configuration.

Made from tough, maintenance-free aircraft grade aluminum, they are available in a number of designs in custom sizes to fit any size opening.

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